Samsung ChatON can now send and receive SMS messages within the app

Samsung ChatON, a global messaging app, has received a new update which means users can now view their SMS and MMS messages in their chat feed.

According to, those who use ChatON can now see and send all their messages from one convenient space, instead of having to switch from app to app. This is good news for mobile marketers, as their promotional SMS and MMS messages are more likely to be seen and read whilst a user is chatting with their friends using ChatON, instead of potentially getting ignored.

ChatON is following the footsteps of other apps that have recently integrated chat lists and SMS messages. Earlier this year, both Facebook and Google Hangouts were updated to support the sending and receiving of text messages within their apps, reports With the popularity of such apps growing, native messaging services might become completely obsolete, especially with younger users.

Samsung also warns that have multiple messaging apps installed could cause problems and SMS messages might be displayed abnormally. To prevent this, users should uninstall all other apps similar to ChatON and stick to just using one service.

The update is only currently available for Android ChatON users, as the iOS version of the app hasn’t been updated yet. Any Android users running the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system or later will be able to take full advantage of the updated app.

However only users from a select few countries will be able to access the update currently, such as those in Germany and Brazil, but it’s highly likely that it will come to the UK and US in the near future.

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