Marketers must utilise data and automated marketing to stay ahead, says expert

Marketers need to get used to using data and automated marketing in their campaigns in order to stay ahead of the competition, an expert has said.

Speaking to, Chris Harris, HR Owen’s marketing and customer director, said that marketers cannot rely just on creativity any more, instead they must focus on implementing technology in order to take advantage of more marketing opportunities.

“They mustn’t be afraid to fail and be comfortable with numbers and data,” he explained. “The day when you could be the fluffy creative is over – being creative is part of the job but being creative while translating that into targeting, data or numbers, or a customer journey through a marketing automation system is just as important – it’s a whole new skills set.”

According to, Financial Times media correspondent Emily Steel also believes that more marketers are relying on automated systems in order to stay relevant and such systems mean adverts can be placed at a moment’s notice – meaning it is easier to send out the right SMS at the right time.

Mr Harris noted that consumers are a lot more savvier than they used to be, so retaining loyalty is harder, which is why it is so important to ensure that marketers are targeting their audiences accurately.

Furthermore, having the right data is vital for getting simple marketing techniques like personalisation right. Marketers would look foolish and lose custom if they got the customer’s name wrong, for example.

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