Mobile not getting sufficient recognition for driving sales

Mobile’s impact in the multichannel shopping process is not given the credit it deserves, one Google employee has claimed.

Ian Carrington, who is director of mobile and social ad sales at the search giant, told that mobile is still not getting the recognition it deserves for helping to drive sales.

He claimed that recent years had seen an increasingly complex path to purchase start emerging on tools such as Google Analytics. As such, it was difficult for website owners to give accurate credit to the channels which helped to drive many of their sales.

Carrington argued that, in the resulting confusion, too little credit was given to mobile, which had often been instrumental in helping drive customers to make a purchase, even if it wasn’t recognised as such.

Research conducted by Google found that 37 per cent of retail queries now come through mobile devices. For travel and finance meanwhile, the figure is 27 per cent for each. Furthermore, these totals are expected to grow further in coming years, as yet more people take to their mobiles for online shopping.

For this, Carrington believes marketers should think more carefully about mobile in future.

“It’s important to start properly understanding the value of mobile and that consumers now take a cross-devices path to purchase,” reports him as saying. “Mobiles help inform people in the purchase process and that is having an impact on income.”

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