Customer referral and loyalty programs are a great way to expand customer reach, expert says

An expert has highlighted some of the important mobile marketing techniques companies should be using next year to attract and maintain more customers.

Writing for, mobile expert Cheryl Conner cites that Portio Research recently predicted that the number of mobile users will hit seven billion by the end of this year, increasing to 7.5 billion at the end of next year and 8.5 billion by 2016.

She says this will open up mobile marketing opportunities greatly and companies should focus on bringing in as many of that audience as possible. One way to do this is through a customer referral program, which, if implemented correctly, could drive a lot of new customer traffic next year.

She notes that such a program should go hand in hand with loyalty schemes. For example, to reward customers for shopping with the company time and time again, customers could be sent a voucher via their mobile. These sorts of vouchers are much easier than one on a piece of paper, which could be lost or forged. Furthermore, customers like to feel as if they appreciated and this sort of marketing does just that.

Speaking to, Simon Hathaway, president, shopper marketing and retail operations at Cheil Worldwide, also highlighted the importance of trying to retain customer loyalty, as he says people’s alignments will change will mobile shopping. He notes that retailers will likely conduct a lot of their loyalty and promotion programs through mobiles next year and so it’s key that marketers get it right.

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