Mobile marketing key for festive season, reporter says

Text message marketing may be the solution to the problem of trying to reach shoppers and boost sales during Christmas this year, according to Sara Angeles, staff writer.

Ms Angeles says that text message marketing is an excellent and effective way to contact customers about special deals and sales via SMS and MMS. It differs from other forms of marketing, as it allows the business to interact with the consumer on a more personal level through their mobile phones – which they are likely to use regularly throughout the day during the festive period.

James Citron, a mobile marketing expert agrees that text message marketing allows businesses to send consumers branded seasonal images, videos and messages to help increase their sales over the seasonal period.

Mr Citron told that text message marketing works for every kind of business, big and small because it is marketing to customers using technology that they can understand. By using technology that the consumer uses on a daily basis, brands are able to build up strong databases which outperform other programs such as email.

Mr Citron said: “It is never too early to start building a mobile database in preparation for the holidays. As your database grows, use it to test new coupons and promotions so you know what works and what doesn’t. You’ll be glad you have clear knowledge of what resonates best with your customer once the holiday season arrives.”

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