New mobile phones rules on planes could open up mobile marketing opportunities

Relaxed rules on electronic device use on aeroplanes in America could open up a whole new avenue for mobile marketers.

According to, new rules from the Federal Aviation Administration (FFA) mean that American aircraft passengers can now use electronic devices at any time during their flight.

In the past, travellers had to turn off their devices (or switch them to airplane mode) until the aircraft had reached 10,000 feet, reports.

However because this rule no longer applies it has opened up the possibilities of advertising via in-flight wi-fi. For example a car rental company might choose to advertise their service to those connected to the wi-fi. By linking an advert to a car registration page, the holidaymaker could have their car rental all booked and ready for when they arrive at their destination.

At the same time, because travellers can potentially spend the entire journey on their mobile if they want to, it means consumers may be spending a lot more of their journey looking at their phones. This should in turn result in increased mobile advert click-throughs and a rise in responses to marketing texts during flights.

There is also a possibility that the same regulations could be replicated in the UK. If wi-fi providers improve their in-flight services so that more people are inclined to use them, then marketers targeting British mobile owners could benefit from this extra audience too.

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