Motivational text messages aid weight loss

SMS marketing services can be useful in helping people to improve their diet, according to new findings.

Researchers from the United States came to this conclusion after undertaking a 12-week study using two samples group of adults trying to lose weight.

According to, one group was sent a series of motivational text messages during the study, whilst the other group was left to their own accord. The former group lost an average of 4.5 pounds over the 12-week period, with 72 per cent of them claim they found the text messages motivational.

The researchers, who hailed from Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Centre in Richmond, say that their research was the first study to focus solely on the effect of text messages SMS on patient behaviour change.

They also believe a series of SMS messages could prove effective for promoting exercise and healthy living. They are keen to expand on their findings in the future.

In a statement cited by, they concluded: “The ubiquitous spread of mobile phone short message systems (SMS) appears to offer an effective alternative to face-to-face approach when delivering behavioural weight management interventions.”

The research was published in full in the scientific journal ‘CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing’.

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