Retailers urged to encourage smartphone use in store

Retailers have been urged to encourage the use of smartphones in-store.

Econsultancy research analyst Bola Awoniyi gave this advice, following new research which suggests that customers are using their phone to compare products more often whilst in a retail environment.

More than two thirds of retailers polled by eConsultancy agreed that they had noticed their customers comparing products with their phones more often.

However, Awoniyi argued that this was a trend which retailers need to take advantage of, rather than shy away from.

In an article for, he suggested they could do this by offering incentives to shoppers visiting their in-store website. SMS marketing messages are a useful way of doing this.

“Customers are using mobiles in store, and retailers need to adapt to this and use it to help create a better experience for shoppers. This includes things like providing in-store wi-fi, prompts and offers for smartphone users, and directing customers to their own mobile site,” he added.

According to, a separate study by Acquity Group has shown further evidence that encouraging smartphone use could benefit retailers.

The study, organised by Acquity Group, suggested that half of smartphone owners considered themselves more likely to make a major in-store purchase if they are able to do some research about the product first.

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