Mobile is the most effective channel for retailers

Almost 4 million men and women in the UK are keen to hear from retailers by text at least once per month, reveals our latest white paper; Communicating with the Mobile Shopper.

From notifying customers about upcoming sales and promotions to facilitating loyalty schemes or confirming delivery dates, there are many ways that retailers, and indeed many other organisations selling direct to the public, will benefit from adding SMS to their communication channels.  We provide insight and advice about the methods available in this market leading research.

38% of consumers from our research claimed discounts or promotions from a retailer are the most important whilst 41% cited confirmation of a transaction as the most useful to receive as a text.

The advantages of sending text messages to customer’s mobile handsets are clear, it provides a direct path to the consumer, but more importantly it provides a tremendous opportunity for retailers to trigger interactions that otherwise might not have happened. Presently almost 30% of retailers believe mobile is the most effective channel for them, with a further 30% expecting mobile to become the most effective channel.

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