New report sheds light on local mobile marketing success

A report from looks into why local mobile marketing (also known as location based mobile marketing) is so successful.

Location based mobile marketing is on the rise, according to the report a study by Berg Insight showed that eight per cent of all mobile ad spend was allocated to location-enabled ads in 2012. It’s predicted that by 2017, 33 per cent of mobile ad spend will belong to location-enabled ads.

Part of location based mobile marketing success is due to the fact location technology works better than browser cookies do on mobile phones. Browser cookies are primarily used to track browsing on PCs but the tech doesn’t carry over well to mobile devices. However, location-based tech works well and allows marketers to track their mobile audiences better, resulting in more effective targeting.

Additionally, location based mobile marketing is spreading to tablets as well as mobile phones. According to the report, last year only 12 per cent of mobile owners and 17 per cent of tablet owners said they use their devices for their whole shopping process. In 2013, one third of smartphone and tablet owners use their devices for shopping, so it’s likely that local mobile marketing will move over to tablet devices as well as mobile phones.

A separate article on demonstrates how to use location based marketing successfully. For example, firms can send a text to customers located nearby to let them know a sale is on or send them a voucher to encourage them to visit on a slow day.

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