Home Office uses texts to reclaim stolen goods

The Home Office could soon use text messages to try and encourage convicted burglars to pay back what they’ve stolen or face jail, newsletter.co.uk reports.

Whilst seen by some as a rather informal method of communication, text messages have been deemed a great way to get those who obey more official confiscation orders to pay up. It comes after a similar scheme was rolled out by HMRC, which eventually led to a five per cent rise in people handing back unpaid tax.

The scheme is part of a wider roll out by the new National Crime Agency to use “behavioural insight techniques” in a bid to work smarter, not harder, to take back ill-gotten goods.

This scheme may not just benefit Britain’s legal system but also provide an interesting for marketers, with people from all corners of society potentially reacting better to text messages than many may have initially thought.

Other proposals being considered include clamping down on criminals obtaining a ‘divorce’ from their partner in order to switch assets and stop them from being confiscated, despite not actually splitting up.

Commenting on the changes, home secretary Theresa May told dailymail.co.uk: “Organised crime is a threat to our national security so it needs a national response to turn the full force of the state against those behind the most serious crimes.”

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