Google Hangouts to gain SMS integration?

Version 1.3 of Google Hangouts could allow SMS and MMS messages to pass through the Android app, reports

The search giant is reportedly looking to bring even more types of messages into Hangouts – a popular service which facilitates the exchange of instant messages between mobile devices and desktop computers.

Leaked snapshots of an overhauled Hangouts app show a user being asked whether they wish to turn on the ability to receive and send SMS within the program. Much like in their standard device settings, they can also request delivery reports, automatically retrieve MMS messages and perform this same function whilst roaming.

Enabling SMS and MMS functions on Hangouts would see the delivery of a promise from Dori Storbeck, Google’s community manager for Hangouts and Chat, who confirmed that SMS integration would be “coming soon”.

He said this has been one of the most requested features for Hangouts, highlighting the popularity of SMS amid talk of the increasing popularity of chat apps like Hangouts.

Though if people do wish to keep their conversations separate – saving their inboxes for updates from brands and using chat apps to talk with friends – all they have to do is disable the check mark in the settings.

This update could be rolled out on its own in the coming months, but says there’s also the possibility of its release coinciding with that of Android’s KitKat operating system.


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