Textlocal present findings at Mobile Gaming and Gambling Summit

Gambling Summit

Today (Sept 11), Rob Townsend, Marketing & Communications Director and Jason Palgrave Jones, Director of Commercial Relationships presented at The Mobile Gaming and Gambling Summit 2013.
The Summit is the first and only event for the global gaming & gambling industry, designed to offer operators a holistic view into how mobile can be used to attract and retain new customers, enhance brand loyalty and increase revenues.
The event took place in London, where Rob and Jason presented alongside other mobile marketing experts to provide delegates with an overview of how mobile can support the gaming and gambling industry.
Rob and Jason offered an in-depth view into the Mobile Customer Experience as well as revealing the latest findings from our White Paper ’Communicating with the Mobile Gambler’ – focussing on the role of mobile in the Gambling, Gaming & Sports Betting industries.
In the white paper, we specifically focus on the gambling sector and how gambling companies can use an opt-in database to drive ROI.

“Mobile apps in gambling have been successful in driving activity from smartphone users. However, we mustn’t forget the accessibility limitations of featurephone users.” says Textlocal Marketing and Communications Director Rob Townsend
“60% of mobile users have a smartphone, leaving 40% of (or 940,000) potential customers using featurephones, with the inability to access up-to-the-minute sportsbooks. Ultimately, you’d be ignoring 940,000 customers.”
“If mobile messaging is used to support existing apps, featurephone users can opt-in to be communicated with, and customers with the ability to access the sportsbook app can receive timed, targeted reminders, prompts and special offers – driving the customer to the sportsbook and increasing their activity.”
As the White Paper states: “Provided a message is sent to the right person at the right time, regardless of their location — it is the equivalent of Ray Winstone promoting the latest odds during half-time of a live football match — it can be devastatingly effective.”

Download a copy of our ’Communicating with the Mobile Gambler’ White Paper


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