Survey reveals marketers still not utilising mobile

A new report has revealed that two-fifths of marketers are failing to take advantage of the benefits provided by mobile search.

The 2013 SEO Marketing Benchmark Survey, compiled and published by shows that while some businesses have fully embraced the hand-held device and created advertising strategies as appropriate, an alarming proportion are yet to get on board.

When asked about which mobile search tactics had been used in the last twelve months, an encouraging 34 per cent of respondents said that they possessed a mobile website, one that had been specifically optimised for smartphones. Twenty-one per cent had run PPC campaigns that were enabled for mobiles, while a fifth said they had used landing pages designed for mobile users.

However, 41 per cent of the 890 marketers polled said that they had not implemented any mobile search tactics at all – unthinkable given that 60 per cent of all mobile searches lead to ‘consumer action within the day’, according to That’s a lot of business some companies could be missing out on.

Reasons for not engaging with mobile apparently included perceived limitations due to company size and simply having not explored the channel before.

Hopefully some of this 41 per cent might be influenced by the positive experiences of other, more progressive marketers. One asserted that mobile was its ‘entire business’.

“Our greatest success is in providing customers a new way to browse their environment,” the respondent wrote.

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