SMS named amongst most reliable authentication methods

SMS authentication remains one of the most reliable methods of confirming your identity online, it has been claimed.

Andy Kemshall, who is the technical director of online authentication provider SecurEnvoy, believes that it remains a better option for businesses and customers than biometric authentication procedures like fingerprint or voice recognition.

Despite admitting there were more time-efficient, Kemshall suggested that these technologies were years away from being secure enough for mainstream use.

In an article for, he said that was the reason why businesses should stick with an SMS authentication service.

He added: “Using technology within a device already owned by an individual, such as preloaded SMS or soft token app authentication through mobile phones, is a more secure and cost effective method for organisations. It has a higher reliability rate and is far less prone to faults or replication from malicious users trying to illegally access an individual’s details.”

Banks have been particularly keen adopters of these processes, in which they send text messages to a customer with a password on so that they can log into online accounts.

However, it appears that the technology for biometric authentication is becoming more readily available. For example, reports that the new iPhone 5S is expected to have a fingerprint reader as a feature.

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