Roaming charges to be made illegal in Europe?

All roaming charges could be made illegal across Europe if reports from prove to be true.

The website cites information from a leaked draft of legislation which the European commission (EC) is expected to publish next week.

This sees EC vice president Neelie Kroes taking on the “cash cows” by putting an end to unexpected mobile roaming fees across Europe. Many tourists are reluctant to text, call and browse the internet on their devices for the fear of racking up huge bills whilst abroad.

However, they may be more inclined to do so if Ms Kroes gets her wish. She faces opposition from some of the world’s largest networks, who make around £5.9 billion off the back of roaming charges.

Companies investing in mobile marketing should be far more receptive to the changes, as the customers they reach should have more reason to respond to their messages whilst on holiday.

Also cited by, the draft legislation states: “When parties to collective roaming agreements offer to all their customers by default roaming tariffs at the level of domestic tariffs, the obligation of domestic providers to enable their customers to access voice, SMS and data roaming services of any alternative roaming provider should not apply.”

Mobile networks including Orange, Telefonica and Vodafone have all spoken out against the plans, although less opposition will come from Three. The network recently dropped roaming charges in seven countries, including Sweden, Republic of Ireland and Italy.

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