Next-gen smartphones set for even larger screens

Smartphones with even larger screens are set to be the defining trend of the upcoming IFA consumer electronics show, reports.

Samsung is reported to be unveiling its new Galaxy Note at the event, which will see the screen size grow from its current iteration of 5.3 inches to 5.5. The Galaxy Note 3, meanwhile, could also be set for an upscale, growing to 5.7 inches across the diagonal.

The Korean manufacturer isn’t alone in choosing the IFA event for a new product reveal, as Sony is also expected to turn up with new devices in tow. Among them could be the Xperia Z1, which is rumoured to boast a slightly smaller screen at five inches, although it will be full HD. The camera, meanwhile, is set to be a staggering 20MP.

These forecasts could signal a new trend in the way smartphones are made, with larger, higher-specification screens becoming by far the most important factor, despite reports that lower-end devices may be better for targeting any currently-sparse marketplaces. This, of course, would be good for brands using SMS marketing as it allows more room for displaying their content to ensure no part of their messages are cut off.

Despite all the rumours, however, Samsung has remained as tight-lipped as ever, with its executive vice president of mobile only telling that the new devices will “lead a new trend in mobile communications.”

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