Brits would sooner cut back on going out than give up their mobiles

More than half of mobile-owning Brits would be unwilling to give up their devices – even if they could save money by doing so, reports.

According to a new study by the Leeds Building Society, 77 per cent of smartphone users would sooner cut back on entertainment – such as eating out or visiting the cinema – than give up their mobiles if money was tight. Similarly, some 64 per cent said that going out for drinks with friends would be axed before the smartphone was.

The results weren’t only concerning mobile access, but also connectivity in the home, with 76 per cent of respondents claiming they would not forgo home broadband, even if they were in a financial quandary. Home broadband was more highly regarded by those in the 55 and over age category, whilst those younger than 24 were much more likely to regard their mobiles in this fashion.

These figures show that mobile phones are no longer seen as the optional commodity they once were, but instead viewed as a complete necessity that has become a recognised part of day-to-day existence. If true, this provides good news for brands using mobile marketing, as it illustrates that mobile ownership is seen to be more important than a great many other of life’s luxuries.

Speaking to of the findings, head of corporate communications at Leeds Building Society, Gary Brook, explained: “These results indicate that technology in particular is increasingly being seen as a necessity rather than an avoidable expense by many people.”

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