SMS beats push marketing in three different ways, expert claims

SMS marketing has three distinct advantages over so-called “push” services such as WhatsApp, one expert has claimed.

Writing for, marketing blogger Melinda Krueger outlined three different ways in which traditional SMS beats more modern push message techniques.

First, Krueger said that SMS messages could be launched quickly and easily, without the need for engagement on both parts that an app download would require. Furthermore, this ease of use means that the customer doesn’t need to do anything to receive the messages, but can open it right away.

Next was the wide-reaching use of SMS for all industries. Push messages, Krueger claimed, were largely to drive app purchases, whereas text marketing could be used for a number of industries across all manner of markets. Furthermore, with smartphones allowing one-click link access, heading through to webpages has never been easier.

Even those without smartphones who cannot access this one-click technology can still be targeted by SMS marketers, Krueger claimed, whereas there’s no way of reaching them via push messages.

Lastly, Krueger noted that SMS messaging was significantly more popular than push alternatives, even with today’s always-connected phones.

“Everyone does it,” reports her as saying. “Texting is the second most common activity (after talking) of cellphone users. It is a common and habitual activity, unlike scanning a code, and can deliver the same types of content.”

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