SMS marketers urged to offer immediate gratification

SMS marketers should aim to offer immediate gratification to their subscribers, according to an industry expert.

Michael Essany, a writer for Mobile Marketing Watch, has urged those utilising this form of mobile marketing to offer customers something that they can use right away.

These offers should be expressed in a brief, legible message which clearly states who is offering it, he said.

Writing for, he explained: “Smartphones are immediate gratification machines, so your message should play into that. Make sure recipients know why acting now is the best path and make it clear that they can act now to gain something of valuable significance.”

This sense of immediacy can really help to boost conversion rates by stimulating the urge to buy on impulse.

“Make your customers feel special. It’s no secret that when consumers feel that they are receiving something exclusive, they are more likely to use that promotion and less likely to opt out of an SMS program,” Essany added.

Offering useful advice of his own, fellow marketing expert Luke Wingfield Digby suggested that the smartphone revolution has allowed SMS marketers to include links to websites with more information.

In an article for, the ‘Total Send’ CEO suggested that SMS marketing was the best platform for small time-sensitive snippets.

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