London taxis offering wi-fi set to be easily identifiable

A new scheme is being rolled out which will let Londoners know which taxis offer free wi-fi as part of their service, according to

Those who offer free wi-fi are set to carry a sticker approved by Transport for London (TfL), which will identify them to passengers. The symbol will be rolled out to a network of 300 cabs in London.

The measures comes after a recent survey from communications agency Ubiquitous found that 75 per cent of London taxi users think wi-fi is important when using cabs. The same amount of those questioned also said that they are more likely to hail down a taxi if they know it offers free wi-fi.

Free wi-fi in taxis is also good news for those businesses who have invested in mobile marketing, as it means more consumers are likely to be able to check their smartphones whilst on the go.

Talking about the scheme, Andrew Barnett, managing director at Ubiquitous, told “We understand that many of the passengers in our cabs are busy people and that a cab journey offers the perfect opportunity to catch up on personal messages, work emails and other news.”

He added: “The introduction of the Wi-Fi signage ensures passengers know before hailing a cab that they will be able to quickly and easily access the web.”