Third party tech poised to create “exciting” opportunities for mobile marketers, claims expert

Mobile marketing is set to witness a number of trends over the coming months, with mobile advertising expert Mark Howley backing the emergence of third party technology to be the most exciting development.

Writing at, Mr Howley said innovations like Shazam, Aurasma and QR codes will soon become the norm for advertisers as they look to integrate a more native experience into their campaigns.

He explained: “Whilst the hurdle of having the consumer download an application can sometimes hinder engagement of an integrated campaign, the increasing levels of interactivity prove there is a customer appetite to engage with interactive ads, taking consumers beyond the bus shelter poster, for example, and through to external content on their mobiles.”

Mr Howley said brands need to understand that by investing time and money into this technology now, they’ll be in a prime position to capitalise on its rapid growth over the next year.

Cited by, he claimed that mobile in general offers an unparalleled range of formats, facilitating in-depth targeting and embedded technology to to create “unique and engaging” experiences.

While possessing this reach would seem like a luxury, Mr Howley claimed the channel will grow to become essential in driving sales and brands that don’t leverage the “incomparable capabilities” of mobile would get left behind.

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