Smartphone uptake in the UK still rising

Smartphone usage in the UK has grown by a fifth over the past year, a new report from Google has found.

The report, which looked into smartphone and tablet usage across the world, found that over the last year, the number of people in the UK owning a smartphone rose from 51 to 62 per cent. Over the same period, tablet usage saw huge gains – rising from 11 to 30 per cent, reports.

Furthermore, when compared to other countries, the UK ranked as one of the most connected, on a par with Norway and the Netherlands.

When quizzed on their smartphone usage, around three quarters said they use them go online every day, whilst 80 per cent said they never left home without them. This, of course, is good news for brands using mobile marketing as they can target consumers wherever they happen to be.

Smartphones have also become the tool of choice for those on the move, with 85 per cent of respondents claiming they used their devices when on the go. In addition, 71 per cent used their mobiles when at work, whilst 72 per cent did so whilst shopping.

E-retailers also have been handed good news, with 61 per cent having made purchases via their device. Furthermore, an even greater number still were content to browse and research on their smartphones, even if the actual purchasing takes place on a desktop, claimed.

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