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Messaging revolution

Astounded by the findings of our business and consumer research, our Marketing Director Rob Townsend wasted no time in passing the findings onto other industry leaders. Featuring in the June edition of Mobile Marketing Magazine, Rob divulges into some of the results that back up what we at Textlocal have always known: that mobile messaging should be a key part of any business CRM application.

Our research of 2,000 consumers and 330 businesses built the foundations of the first Textlocal White Book, ‘The Mobile Customer Experience Report’ exploring consumer and business trends in mobile messaging. The book was exclusively launched at Marketing Week Live in June and has been causing a stir amongst the industry ever since.  Finding that 40% of businesses use mobile as part of their mobile strategy even though a massive 65% revealed they own an opted-in database pays testament to the potential mobile holds across the UK.

We present the facts clearly and simply; how SMS is the primary use of a mobile phone amongst consumers and how they continue to willingly engage with trusted brands via text. For businesses to use mobile messaging as part of their customer communications is not only accepted, it’s expected.

After absorbing the White Book findings, we encourage businesses to think about how you can use mobile marketing, being armed with this new information and the potential that is still very much untapped.

View the full article here and to download your free copy of the White Book, click here.


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