“Content, context and channel” essential for mobile marketing, claims expert

Mobile marketing expert Sy Lau says that as more companies turn to the platform to promote their products and services, they must focus on its three essential Cs – content, context and channel.

Writing at guardian.co.uk, Ms Lau stated that the increasing use of mobile internet and online shopping is causing brands to rethink how their marketing campaigns are constructed.

According to Ms Lau, the advent of mobile has forced planners and marketers to think more about the tailored approach to communicating with audiences. She says a typical campaign will now function across a number of channels, considering behavioural patterns in how consumers interact with mobile and the timing of each message.

In this environment, she says content, context and channel are key; “All of which must be considered in order to make those right decisions,” added Ms Lau.

“Marketing messages must be tailored based on the user’s needs; marketing has to work at a faster pace so it can respond to potential customers in real time; and mobile channels must be added to traditional marketing channels.”

One of these channels is SMS marketing, which sees companies sending text messages to their audiences in order to achieve a certain aim.

Cited by mobileadvertising.name, Ms Lau highlighted that marketers need to determine how best to grab the consumer’s attention, and the directness of SMS makes it a popular option to pursue.

In words of advice for those just starting out with mobile marketing, Ms Lau said this direct approach was highly recommended.

“In the mobile channel, the sales and marketing cycle is short,” she said. “Marketers must learn to make a big impact in a very short span of time and then move the consumer to take action.”

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