Forrester analyst backs Google Glass to impact SMS marketing

Many digital businesses have suspected that Google Glass will change the way they operate – and Forrester’s Sarah Rotman Epps says text marketing companies are no different.

Incorporating a tiny screen in the top right corner of a pair of glasses, the search giant’s augmented reality device will have uses across a range of fields.

The product gives users the chance to take a picture, record a video, send lots of different types of messages and call people without having to go through their smartphone. All the wearer needs to do is connect their mobile to the glasses via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and they’re all set.

Ms Rotman Epps, a senior analyst at the company, says Glass presents an enormous opportunity for marketers to engage with their customers, as this device puts the content right in front of their eyes.

Writing at, she claimed it was actually easier to think about how apps work on Glass if people think about a text message conversation unfolding.

“It’s a series of asynchronous alerts that form meaning over time. It’s not like the screen-based sandbox of a smartphone app or the page-based interactions,” she explained, highlighting how the simplicity of Glass could work in favour of SMS marketers.

Cited by, Ms Rotman Epps said putting new texts in front of the viewer’s eyes will help their cause, although companies that do send SMS to their customers need to be wary about the frequency of their messages.

“As with SMS, marketers will need to be extremely thoughtful about how frequently to send alerts or updates to a user’s timeline because it’s easy to cross the line between engagement and annoyance on Glass,” she added.

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