New ‘Attachments’ Tool for TextLocal Bulk SMS Software

Our new ‘Attachments’ tool is reshaping the way businesses send information to customers and staff – here’s why.

For years we have been weighing up the benefits of SMS vs. email. We know that open rates of text messaging dwarf those of email, that texts are more likely to be opened and read within seconds and SMS is far less likely to be construed as spam. SMS leaves email way behind with open rates averaging 99.8% and response rates of 30%, while an average response rate of email is typically less than 3%.

However, we wanted our customers to enjoy one of the pros of email with the phenomenal open rates of text messaging. While documents are frequently attached to emails, it has always been deemed impossible to do this with a text message. Not to be defeated, our tech team set to work on finding a solution to achieve the impossible and Messenger Attachments were born. It’s going to change the way you communicate with no extra cost.

So how does it work? Attachments are included as a URL in the text message, all the end user has to do is click that link and they are directed to your file. Many have asked us how this is any different to including a URL in a text message – what makes it an attachment?

A URL only works if the content is hosted online somewhere, so if it’s a link to your mobile website, a landing page or pretty much anything that is hosted online – this will work. But what about the content that isn’t online – PDF brochures, menus, excel files? The Attachments tool will host your file online on our secure server, creating a URL that links directly to it. So whatever you need to send in a text message, Messenger can do it for you. It could be as simple as scanning in your menu and saving as a PDF ready to send via SMS, or sending a copy of your latest brochure or poster.


We recognised the potential of attachments in the early stages of design. How this can help businesses, especially SME’s with little or no online presence can completely change the way they communicate with customers, clients and staff at no extra cost. Login or sign up to send an SMS attachment today.


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