Responsive mobile design lands Domino’s Pizza more sales

Domino’s Pizza has reported a 14 per cent rise in mobile sales, thanks to the introduction of its new responsive mobile site.

That’s according to the head of digital at Domino’s, Nick Dutch, who also revealed that in 2012, the brand’s e-commerce sales were worth five times more than the entire business was some 14 years ago.

Plus, Domino’s has achieved year-on-year growth in mobile sales of 123 per cent – partly down to its new mobile website and partly its overall mobile strategy. Dutch commented: “We launched a mobile site and app two or three years before most of our competition.

“We just took a punt, because we knew the customers were there. And originally, the user experience was very clunky, but we were able to take advantage of getting in early and build from there.”

Now that the mobile site is well and truly established (in addition to turning a profit), Dutch is moving his attention to the Domino’s app. He’s currently testing how well push notifications from the app will work – which, if successful, could complement its existing SMS campaigns.

At present, Domino’s takes half of its orders via its website (both desktop and mobile), but it aims to increase this to 80 per cent by 2016, reports. With such a big commitment to digital marketing in place, it may well just meet this goal.

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