The Textlocal White Book – The Mobile Customer Experience Report

Mobile Customer Experience report

We have always regarded ourselves as pioneers in mobile insight and this week we unveil our most recent publication, the Textlocal White Book. Titled ‘The Mobile Customer Experience Report’ it is a unique piece of research which was carried out with Mobile Marketing Magazine and Mobile Squared, quizzing 330 businesses and over 2,000 consumers across the UK in March 2013. The report presents why opt-in messaging is becoming the most popular form of brand marketing in the UK.

The report outlines how a sound mobile strategy can be built around the 27.9 million consumer opt-ins which currently exists in the UK. Based on existing trends, we have also canvassed reliable forecasts through to the end of 2015 on user habits, delving into trends by region, gender, sector and types of mobile phone. As a Textlocal customer, this provides forward thinking and analysis that will help shape mobile messaging to produce maximum potential.

Our research answers some of the most common questions we hear businesses ask; what type of text messages are most effective, when is the best time of day to send a text message and how frequent should text messages be sent? Our findings reveal that the most warmly received type of text message is in fact not the most commonly received. Snippets of insight like this offer businesses the chance to place themselves as one of the leaders in mobile messaging strategies, positioning yourself as a trusted business.

As smartphones and their enormous range of capabilities continue to grow, the report reveals SMS still remains the primary use of the mobile phone. Of those surveyed, 91% stated that they use their phone for text, with voice calls accounting for 85% and email browsing and apps accounting for less than 50% each. The humble SMS is still very much a huge part of the consumer life style when it comes to their mobile phone.

Our industry sector research drills down into habits and behaviours, cross referenced by region, gender and opt-ins, information that we now live and breathe. We can tell a recruitment company in the West Country region that out of the 3,140,815 opt-ins there are nationally of people who want to hear from such companies, 80,849 of those are based in their region. We also know that their preference is to hear from recruitment companies at least once a month and more than half of these opt-ins are male. This detailed analysis is second to none.

As the White Book states, by the end of 2014 around 90% of businesses will have a mobile strategy. The Textlocal White Book can get you there sooner.


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