Messenger Surveys and Data Capture Forms launch

We are excited to announce the launch of our Messenger Surveys and Data Capture Forms tool. This new innovation allows businesses to create their own mobile optimised surveys and forms to send directly to customer’s mobile phones. Sent via a link in a text message, this provides an elegantly simple way for information to be completed by your audience and returned to you.

Mobile survey tools

At Textlocal we understand that people are busy and are often most productive when on the move. If we stop to analyse this, we see consumers often like to get things done in small chunks of time when they can steal a few minutes. This could be on the bus, in a queue or when sat in a waiting room. Quite often people are actively looking for things to do whilst they have these occasional spare moments.

More and more of our productive behaviour is happening on mobile devices. Even at home, in front of the TV, we turn to our phones or tablets rather than booting up our laptop or PC.

It is this understanding, plus our quest to bring businesses tools and services that bring efficiencies and are truly useful, that led to the development of our Messenger Survey Tool.  We looked at the mobile device as a whole, consolidating what we know about user behaviour and mobile functionality. Our experience with dealing in B2C mobile communications has meant we can add our insight to the capabilities and reporting needs businesses.

Our Messenger Survey Tool allows you to reach your audience in an environment that is more likely to solicit an engaged response, on a device that they always have on them, in a format that is optimised for that device.

What’s more, the surveys are free to create, have comprehensive free reporting features and your respondents replies are free to receive.

And it’s not just surveys. Registration, booking and application forms are so easy to create. Our drag and drop functionality, plus easy to upload images and logos ensure you can build a professional looking survey and form in minutes.

Additional information is available on Textlocal’s features and pricing. Or if you can’t wait, log into your account or sign up for free to give it a try. We bet you will fall in love with its elegance, functionality and simplicity like we have. What do you normally ask your customers over the phone? Or wait for them to post to you or email back? Whatever it may be, ask them in a mobile data capture form today and watch the results pour in.

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