4 ways restaurants can increase turnover with mobile messaging

Attracting business to your restaurant requires more than just letting consumers know you are there. We understand the effect empty tables have on your bottom line.

People are now spending more time communicating and searching on their mobile phones giving restaurants the opportunity to intelligently interact with people on a personal level.

Mobile messaging is easier than you think through the Textlocal Messenger platform, With Messenger, restaurants can be growing and retaining business in literally minutes. We take a logical approach when it comes to business communications. Forget about the costly, time consuming shot-in the dark type of marketing you may have used before, sending targeted messages to opted-in mobile numbers has proven time and time again to work. Plus our Messenger platform makes it simple to integrate your customer lists, personalise messages, schedule your messages in advance, and track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

4 Ways Restaurants Can Increase Turnover With Mobile Messaging

Here are 4 ways you can use mobile messaging to boost business and efficiencies

  1. Reservation Reminders. No shows cost you money. Not only do you lose out on the revenue from the customers who did not show up, you potentially lose out on having the table free for other reservations, particularly at busy times. It can also play havoc with your catering. By adding a phone number to your message to allow them to call, or adding a URL leading them to a map with directions or the menu to tantalise their taste buds works well and provides that extra level of value and service.
  2. Advertise Special Offers. Sending out special offers to your customers who have opted in to receive messages from you is a wonderful way to increase loyalty, provide value to your customers and fill those tables at slow times or during the off season. At Textlocal, we believe in the power of opt in so strongly, we are the only company to integrate a simple opt out path into our system which does not cost you a penny. We are proud of all the positive reviews we get, here is an example of what people using Textlocal say about the return they get on sending out their specials to their customers.
  3. Competitions, Surveys or Feedback. These are a good way to engage your customers. We know from research and experience that the response times and the compulsion to act when you receive text messages are both high. With Textlocal’s Messenger platform sending surveys and asking for feedback via people’s mobile phones is easy to set up and track. We also have a free mobile web page builder, which you can integrate into your mobile messages by adding a link in your message leading them to a mobile optimised web page.
  4. Communicating with Staff and Suppliers. Thinking beyond just your customers, the immediate nature of text messaging and the fact that our mobile phones are never more than a few metres from us, using Textlocal’s Messenger platform is an efficient and reliable way to notify staff of shift changes, or important updates. Some of our customers use text messaging to alert suppliers when stocks are running low, or to inform delivery drivers of directions, numbers or changes in instructions. All of these can be handled from your PC, or now through your mobile phone using our mobile app. The ability to schedule in advance is also a key advantage that many of our customers highlight.

Sign up for a free account today and explore our platform and services. It is fast and easy to do, plus you will be amazed how inspired you will become once you see Messenger in action and learn what it can do for your business.

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