Local mobile marketing on the rise

Location-based mobile marketing is proving to be the most effective form of mobile marketing, offering high conversion rates, surgical targeting, and rich consumer profiles according to new research.

This form of marketing allows companies to direct their advertisements to users in a particular location, to whom the advert would be specifically relevant. It also enables marketers to analyse data from people in this area and helps them to target their audience more effectively.

Unsurprisingly therefore, brands, companies and retailers are all keen to improve upon their location-based approaches, as it has proven itself to be effective time and time again, mobilemarketingwatch.com reports.

The new report comes from BI intelligence on location mobile marketing, and takes a look at the key statistics on location-based services, and explains how the most effective techniques work.

Businessinsider.com reports that location is the new cookie; data collection has always been a cause of problems as mobile does not support third-party cookies that travel easily across the ecosystem, allowing straightforward data gathering. However, location-based mobile technology allows marketers to identify and track mobiles audiences, and the technology can even group users into behavioural groups for targeted marketing.

Money is also flowing into this form of media marketing; a recent survey conducted by Balihoo found that 91 per cent of the 400 companies they spoke to had plans to increase their investments in location-based marketing.

The location-based marketing trend could be expected to extend beyond smartphones in the future, with tablets the next target for location marketing.

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