Mobile marketing “exactly” what stores need in fight against internet retail

Bricks-and-mortar stores have been told that mobile marketing, offering insight, a highly targeted advertising technique and real-time response, is exactly what they need to fend off the competition from internet retailers.

New media product management expert John Barratt used his latest guest post at to explain how the market conditions of today provide a perfect opportunity for brands to promote themselves through mobile advertising.

He highlights that due to the tough economic climate, more people than ever are looking for coupons, group buying schemes and loyalty rewards when deciding which store is worth their business.

Hard-up consumers are always looking to save money and Barratt says that due to their financial plight, the modern-day shopper is far more likely to sign up to SMS services that deliver the latest offers right to their mobile device.

From the store’s perspective, Barratt was cited by saying the aim must be to capture data on who their customers are and how they shop.

Touching on the benefits of pushing coupons via SMS and MMS messaging, he added: “Data gathered from mobile marketing campaigns tends to be more in-depth than that of paper coupons – giving information not only on redemption levels but also on who redeemed what, where, when.”

Barratt says it’s essential that physical stores take the initiative when consumers are actively looking for coupons and loyalty rewards, as this will allow them to build their future growth plans the type of people keeping them afloat.

“My guess is that those brands and retailers that take a knowledge-based approach to marketing now, are the ones that will still be here in ten years,” he concluded.

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