Global smartphone penetration at 50 per cent by 2017

Smartphone penetration levels look set to reach 50 per cent around the world by 2017, reports.

New research from insights provider eMarketer put global smartphone penetration at 33 per cent this year, with the view that it will increase to exactly half of the market by 2017.

Furthermore, these high levels of smartphone usage have already been reported in six countries around the world – which broke the 50 per cent marker back in 2012. These six were Australia, Norway, South Korea, Sweden, the UK and the US. In these countries, penetration levels look set to rise further still, especially South Korea, where levels are already at 60 per cent.

Elsewhere, the benchmark 50 per cent is set to be reached by Canada, Finland and the Netherlands this year, with France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Spain following in 2014.

The results provide good news for brands using SMS marketing, as an increase in smartphone uptake also makes it easy for message recipients to click-through links with one touch.

eMarketer’s research is viewed as one of the most comprehensive and accurate reports available, as it is based on survey and traffic data, regulatory agencies, historical trends, company-specific data, country-specific demographics and socio-economic factors, reports.

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