SMS and email becoming “interchangeable” in marketing, claims expert

Text marketing has evolved to the point that SMS and email have become interchangeable, according to direct marketing expert Reuben Yonatan.

Writing at, Mr Yonatan claimed to have witnessed a huge rise in small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) investing in ‘business texting’ – a “valuable tool” for both internal and external communication.

While some businesses are advocating the use of SMS to deliver messages around their workplace, citing its discreetness as a benefit, others are going one further by using text messages to speak to their customers.

Cited by, Mr Yonatan explained that bulk SMS services are starting to earn their worth as companies can now use this technology to send time-delayed, event-sensitive or repeated messages to opted-in consumers.

The messages don’t always have to be promotional, either. E-commerce firms like Amazon use SMS to deliver tracking information about packages, keeping their customers in the loop. This service may also go some way to limiting the number of messages that come through the business regarding orders.

Mr Yonatan says the main reason why so many companies like Amazon are investing in text marketing is because of its innate characteristics of being “intensely personal” and getting straight to the point.

“The small and medium-sized businesses that can best capitalise on business texting are sure to be the ones that succeed, as will the carriers that provide the best means of business texting,” he concluded.

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