Over 300m smart devices shipped worldwide in Q1 2013

Some 308.7 million ‘smart mobile devices’ were shipped out to consumers around the world in the first quarter of 2013.

That’s according to research published by Canalys, cited by mobilemarketingwatch.com. It revealed that these devices (encompassing smartphones, tablets and notebooks) experienced sales growth of 37.4%, year on year.

Of the total devices sold, 59.5% operated on Android systems, 19.3% on Apple-based systems and 18.1% of the share went to Microsoft. The latter is representative of the technology provider’s lagging place in the smartphone market, Canalys suggested.

A principal analyst for the firm, Pete Cunningham, shared his thoughts on the future of smart mobile devices: “HTC and Samsung have raised the bar with their latest handsets and Apple needs to respond with its next iPhone.

“The iPhone user interface is now six years old and badly in need of a refresh,” he continued, adding: “It [Apple] cannot afford to ignore the trend for larger displays in premium smart phones We expect an increase on the iPhone 5’s 4-inch display, but are not anticipating a ‘Phablet’-style phone.”

A larger display on what may be the world’s most popular handset would likely be welcomed by those using MMS messaging to market their business, or app developers hoping for more room to play with. What’s more, they could find out how the display will change on the next iPhone iteration sooner rather than later, with indiatimes.com reporting that Apple is rumoured to be releasing the iPhone 6 in a matter of weeks, on June 20th.

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