SMS marketing ideal for small businesses, expert claims

Text messages are among the best ways of reaching out to a mobile audience, one SME expert has claimed.

Writing for, journalist Megan Webb-Morgan advocated the use of text messages in marketing campaigns as they are not only easy to send, but also come with some of the best open-rates around.

Webb-Morgan claimed that subscribers can be informed of almost anything via SMS marketing, from sales and promotions to information on new products or services. She added that the use of multi-media messages (MMS) can even be used to send photographs or videos of a new product in action.

For this all to be effective, however, Webb-Morgan urged businesses to conduct research into their target audience as this will give a clear and honest insight into how they would react to such messages. This can include variables such as the best time of day for messages to be sent or which types have the greatest open rates among different customer segments.

“Mobile marketing can help you promote your business to new and returning customers,” reports Webb-Morgan as saying. “Make sure that the method you choose is appropriate for your target demographic and that you follow the best practices for designing, promoting and sending mobile messages.”

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