Mobile marketing is more personal, claims industry source

The nature of the smartphone means that marketing communication is likely to be more personal compared with other channels, it has been claimed.

In an interview with, the chief executive of mobile advert buying platform Adfonic, Victor Malachard, suggested that it has the edge over both traditional forms of advertising and conventional computing screens.

He said: “I’d say what makes mobile different is first and foremost the personal nature of the device. If you’re engaging with a person through a smartphone or a tablet, you’re going to have that person’s attention far more than if you were engaging with them through desktop or print.”

Mr Malachard’s enthusiasm for mobile marketing was mentioned in the context of the increasing spend seen in this area of advertising; the amount spend in the UK on mobile adverts more than doubled in 2012 to reach more than £500 million.

This figure is only likely to keep rising as the introduction of 4G allows greater internet access and increased bandwidth for developing richer adverts. The 4G network in the UK, currently only served by EE, is being widely trumpeted within the telecoms sector, but only time will tell if the public at large buy into it.

The benefits chiefly relate to the speed of internet access; in a review of the new Samsung Galaxy S4, described how browsing via 4G is ‘lightning quick’, a factor which could prove attractive to consumers.

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