SMS marketing effective way for charities to reach contacts

Text messaging could provide one of the most effective ways for charities to keep in touch with their contacts, reports.

Following on from the global economic downturn, charities have been among the worst affected, with consumers looking to save their money and be a little more frugal when it comes to donations.

As a result, charities have had to work extra hard or think up newer, more efficient methods of attracting donations even to keep levels remaining steady, think tank IPPR North claimed.

One such method is to use cost-effective ways of reaching out to the people a charity helps, volunteers or donors. This approach has been successfully implemented by the Creation Trust, which utilised an SMS marketing campaign to encourage residents of a social housing project to attend a nearby job fair.

Eventually, around two thirds of the 300 people living on the estate were in attendance, taking visitor numbers up well beyond their average for such an event.

Speaking of the Creation Trust’s success, charity bloggers Mandeep Hothi and Andrew Wilson told how it was known “that almost all residents had mobiles and that texting is a good way to send timely reminders that are easily shared.

“So, sending information by text would be a great way to achieve positive outcomes.”

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