Industry leaders celebrate 40 years since first mobile phone call

As the mobile phone celebrates 40 years since the first mobile call was made, industry leaders believe that shopping on the device will become central to its future.

Whether it is via SMS messaging or website browsing, shopping via is becoming an increasingly big player in the retail industry. As a result, experts are creating innovative ways for mobiles to be used to create ‘interactive shopping experiences’.

According to figures reported by, growth rates for mobile phone sales were stable at around 300 per cent while some £7.5 billion was spent on mobiles over the course of 2012.

Many are predicting even higher figures for 2013 as consumers are aided by ‘innovations from retails and technology developers’.

Dan Wagner, CEO of mobile payments firm mPowa, believes the mobile phone “has gone on a journey of achievement” which has culminated in the use of mobile phones as invaluable business tools and the “centre of the shopping experience”.

Speaking to, he said: “Over recent years, the mobile phone has become a major channel through which people carry out their shopping and so it is important that we create the tools that allow shoppers to go beyond the traditional browser based shopping trip.

“It really is remarkable how far the mobile phone has come,” he added.

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