SMS marketing works well if used properly, says expert

Using links correctly in mobile marketing can be the difference between success and failure says Ronan Skehill of

Despite advances in communication technology, reports that the humble SMS remains one of the most effective marketing tools available to date. Research suggests that the open rate for text messages is 98 per cent compared to 22 per cent of emails. More importantly, the number of text messages that the average person receives in a month is 178, compared to 1,216 emails.

Skehill says that smart linking, marketers can successfully drive traffic to their money page. The first rule, he says, is to keep it short.

“To encourage people to act on the SMS have a clear call to action in the message: for example ‘Click to claim a 15 per cent coupon’,” Skehill explains.

The expert also said that building trust within a message is vital. Making sure the sender ID is set, being professional and not using text language are all key to building trust. Skehill also recommends that marketers should not user URL shorteners to save characters.

Finally, Skehill says to ensure that your landing page is mobile friendly. There is little point in sending someone to a page that is not optimised for mobile, he explains.

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