Council tax SMS reminders give councillors customer service recognition

An SMS marketing campaign has bagged Sutton Council an award for customer service, reports.

Sutton Council staff members opted to set up a notification system which gave local residents a gentle reminder when their council tax bill needed to be paid. The simple technique allowed large volumes of people to be connected immediately, without having to rely on letters and the environmental aspect this brings.

Now, following an inspection by Cabinet Office examiners, the Revenue and Benefits team has had its Customer Service Excellence accreditation extended for an additional three years.

The decision came as a result of both the text campaign and also the work undertaken by Sutton Council’s welfare reform outreach officer who spoke to residents on a one-on-one basis to provide a clear explanation of changing housing benefits.

Sutton Council isn’t the only one of its kind offering SMS reminders for council tax payment. Among the others is South Oxfordshire Council, which implemented a system to not only make the service more reliable, but also improve the quality of service offered to local residents.

Commenting after the commendation was awarded, a spokesman for Revenue and Benefits at the Council, Cllr Richard Clifton, told “I am very proud of the hard work and professionalism put in by every member of the team.”

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