SMS bracelet will allow for more efficient messaging

Mobile phone users will soon be able to read text messages without getting their phone out, thanks to the invention of a bluetooth-enabled LED bracelet.

The LinkMe bracelet connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and flashes up SMS messages on your wrist, removing the need to fiddle in pockets or a handbag.

It is planned for the bracelet to double up as a watch when there are no messages to display. According to, users can customise what messages flash up on their screen, perhaps to prevent private messages from flashing up in public. There are also settings that will allow it to display incoming Facebook and Twitter messages too.

It would certainly appear to be a useful accessory for those who are constantly on-the-go and don’t have time to check their smartphone every time it buzzes. Those in SMS marketing could be excited by the prospect of their messages flashing up on a customer’s wrist.

According to, the bracelet has 125 energy-efficient LED lights and its lithium battery can last for up to two weeks on one charge. There will be the option to upgrade to 203 LED lights for a clearer message.

There product is still in testing phase. It has been rumoured that the final product could vibrate and will be waterproof. Once perfected, it will retail for $99 (£66).

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