Restaurant owners urged to update loyalty schemes

Restaurant owners have been urged to update their loyalty programmes to reflect changes in technology.

Darren Tristano, who is the executive vice president of food industry research company Technomic, has claimed that the days of stamps and vouchers are now old hat and that most consumers now expect to earn rewards on their mobile phones.

In a recent interview with, he indicated that there are plenty of ways that restaurants could take advantage of this trend.

He said: “We’ve come a long way since the 10th-meal-is-free punch cards. Consumers are now receiving rewards via email, apps, social media and on their smartphones. As mobile marketing continues to evolve, so will loyalty marketing. Its direction may be unclear, but the need to recognise and thank loyal customers will always be there.”

According to, Technomic recently conducted a survey which suggested that 80 per cent of consumers would sign up to loyalty schemes if their favourite restaurant offered it. This news might encourage local diners to launch an SMS marketing loyalty scheme or something similar for themselves.

The poll also suggested that 96 per cent of subscribers to such schemes had visited the restaurant in question over the last six months.

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