Campaign calls for mobile signal on the Tube

Commuters have called for mobile signal to be provided on the London Underground, reports.

Measures have been taken in recent months to provide Tube users with wireless internet so they can access email and websites whilst making their journey.

Now, campaigners have called for this to go one step further and for mobile signal to be provided on the Tube in a bid to put and end to the signal void that takes hold as soon as commuters go under ground.

The campaign has been launched by ‘Calling all Stations’, which has asked why there continues to be no mobile signal on the Underground, despite there being suitable technology available for its provision.

The London Underground is among the ten largest tube networks in the world but the only one without mobile connectivity on at least some of its platforms. Furthermore, whilst the Glasgow and Tyne & Wear networks are much smaller, they still provide mobile signal.

If successful, the campaign could provide businesses in the capital with good news, knowing their sms marketing messages will reach the intended target right away, even if they are on the Underground.

Gareth Bacon, who launched the campaign, told “TfL (Transport for London) has been dragging their feet for too long and London is far behind in terms of mobile connectivity because of this.

“The technology exists and TfL needs to make the kind of progress driven deals other world cities have made. It’s time for the Tube to join the rest of the world and get mobile phone coverage.”

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