Retailers urged to embrace SMS marketing

The importance of adopting SMS marketing in the retail industry has been emphasised by an expert via

Entrepreneur, Dr KF Lai has highlighted the effectiveness of this channel in reaching customers, especially at a time when the High Street is struggling. He asserts that it is particularly crucial that retailers find diverse ways to attract and engage with their valued clientèle.

With “consumer appetite for purchasing via mobile” never higher, Dr Lai writes that this is the ideal opportunity for brands to take advantage – and do so through mobile marketing.

While some businesses may remain sceptical, he cites recent research which reveals that consumers are far more receptive to mobile commerce. Almost a third have considered shopping through their smartphone, while over half are planning to make purchases by this means. Convenience is also a big factor, with 74 per cent of people making last-minute purchases through their phone.

In the interests of best practice, writes, retailers should ensure they gain permission before sending out any messages, explain the type and frequency of texts that recipients will receive and time their messages well, avoiding busy times when people are more inclined to ignore them.

Dr Lai concludes: “Mobile is on a upward trajectory – recent research from Juniper found that retailers worldwide are set to spend $28 billion on mobile marketing campaigns in 2013, with the annual spend spiking to $55 billion by 2015.

“As a result, those retailers who are embracing mobile wholeheartedly are reaping the rewards.”


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