Nokia announces full details of its £13 mobile phone

Nokia has announced the full specifications of its new £13 phone.

The telecommunications company hopes to “capture an important part of the market” with the low-priced Nokia 105, according to the company’s CEO Stephen Elop – targeting those in developing countries, as well as Brits who may use the phone as a back-up device.

It may also be suitable for those who want to use the device just for the phone itself, say to call or to send text messages, rather than for other functions such as a gaining access to the internet.

Although the phone lacks a multipixel camera or touchscreen, Mr Elop claimed there are other benefits to the device, such as a battery life of up to 35 days in one charge. It also boasts a colour screen and an FM radio.

Speaking at the launch of the phone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the CEO said the phone also wasn’t just about its low cost price, saying: “We did this because regardless of what you spend on a mobile phone, you always want and you deserve the very best experience.”

It is thought that the device could be in stores before the end of March.

Nokia was the the world’s third biggest smartphone seller last year, according to, with new offerings from the company this year including two new Windows 8 smartphones, as well as the Lumia 520 and Lumia 720.

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