Hurry up and use SMS advertising, says expert

A marketing expert has urged firms to seize the chance to advertise to consumers via text messages.

Web adviser and consultant Jonathon Stevens, contributing to, pointed out that there are an awful lot of people who own mobile phones and they can be reached very quickly with SMS marketing messages.

In his opinion, brands need to hurry up to take advantage of this opportunity to get ‘instant gratification’ from their advertising – either the recipient will immediately get in touch to find out more or they will text ‘STOP’ to show they are not interested. This offers firms a clear result of how appealing the message has been to them.

Mr Stevens remarked: ‘The best form of advertising it is always said is the one that gets through and delivers the message to your customers. Well now with with billions of cell phones sitting in everyone’s pockets it becomes accessible and convenient to reach your target audience.’

One factor that SMS marketers should not forget is the importance of geography, notes Marketing on Mobile Awards judge Kim De Ruiter in an interview with She explained that smartphone adoption, service costs and mobile internet availability will influence how people should be advertised to.

Ms De Ruiter noted, for example, that smartphone adoption was very strong in the UK, whereas the US took around five years to catch up.

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