London Fashion Week to be ‘hugely mobile marketed’

The British Fashion Council (BFC) has announced it will be making better use of social media and mobile marketing channels during London Fashion Week, reports.

Commencing on 15 February, content relating to London Fashion Week will this year be more heavily pushed through a range of platforms to interact and engage with more people.

The initiative includes a digital diary on Google+ by supermodels Cara Delevigne and Jourdan Dunn, use of an #LFW hashtag on Twitter and live shows broadcast on YouTube.

The BFC will also make use of mobile solutions, such as the Vine mobile video app which will capture ‘six-second clips of backstage and runway action’, plus Instagram for ‘exclusive, filter-caked photos’.

Organisers might also like to consider use of text marketing if they are trying to increase their reach and boost awareness among those who don’t have access to YouTube during the day. This mobile advertising could then direct recipients to the appropriate websites at a later time.

It’s not just the BFC that will be making use of such marketing innovations, according to London Fashion Week sponsors will also be creating and sharing related content to support their own marketing campaigns.

Ultimately, the idea is about providing an “online experience for followers of fashion around the globe”, BFC head of marketing Clara Mercer said.

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