Continued sales increase make 2013 ‘year of the smartphone’

This year has been dubbed ‘the year of the smartphone’ after a comScore report found sales volumes to be increasing.

In its latest ‘Digital Future in Focus’ report, research firm comScore noted that 82 per cent of all the mobiles sold in December 2012 were smartphones. Looking at the demographic, around a quarter of those buying smartphones were aged between 25-34.

The news, as printed on, may prove positive for brands using text marketing because it not only shows that the mobile market is still strong but also reinforces the long-held belief that it is those aged in their early thirties who have the most disposable income, so may be the most likely to make a purchase.

As more smartphones enter the market, internet usage from mobile devices has soared. Comparing desktop with mobile video views, for example, showed that the former grew by just eight per cent last year, whilst the latter recorded a 262 per cent increase. In total, a third of all video views online now come from mobile devices.

Commenting on the findings, senior vice president and managing director of comScore UK Mike Read, told “We’ve been preparing for a future scenario where most people will consume content on the go and PCs would no longer be the centre of the digital universe.

“This future is quickly becoming a reality with smartphones, now in the hands of two out of every three mobile phone owners, and devices such as smartphones and tablets now driving nearly a third of internet usage.”

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